Critical Distance Confab – Think, Game, Love

Microphone 31

On this episode of the Critical Distance Confab, I interview Heather Alexandra.

It seems there is much variety on YouTube when it comes to video game criticism. This is my 11th interview with video producer and only now do I get to talk to someone about Let’s Plays. Heather Alexandra is also very different in that she is far more informal with a lot of her work. She can do the structured essays, but also seems just at ease doing a video where it feels like you’re just chatting with her without you having to say a word.

I hate having to apologize for the audio quality of all these podcasts lately. One the one hand, thankfully it was just my audio. However, I was a lot more conversational in this interview so there’s a lot more of me. I plugged my desktop mic in and for whatever reason, Pamela decided to record with my laptop’s built in microphone.

Reminder this is February’s episode, because January’s got delayed a couple of weeks due to a server migration. However, please tell me if you’d rather have to interviews a month instead of one. Send me any feedback at all.

You can find the podcast on it’s page at Critical Distance, on iTunes or through the RSS feed.

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