Critical Distance Confab – Minisode 09 – Long Games and Short Games

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Good news everybody! We’re continuing the minisodes on the Critical Distance podcast into 2016.

What a shock, I know. The one decent thing I managed to do last year and I’m going to continue doing it? Wow.

This month I had Todd Harper on. No, Professor Todd Harper on to talk about more games that no one else seems to be talking about. As unsure as Todd was before the podcast about the games he wanted to talk about, and we actually had to workshop his third game, but damn if he didn’t come prepared with potential essay topics for his games for other people to pick up and write. Good on him.

As for the audio, I don’t know what happened or what I could do about it. I didn’t realize until after our call had ended and I checked the audio. Since Todd isn’t someone I regularly Skype with he didn’t notice anything wrong. My fellow podcasters at the Moving Pixels podcast however noticed immediately and after 30 minutes of futzing with settings and wire connections I was about to just deal with it when, boom, it was all normal again. Or so I’m told. I’ll see in a few weeks. In any case it’s super annoying and I hope listeners can deal with it for the one episode.

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