Critical Distance Confab – Great Levels, The Best Levels In Gaming

Microphone 30

It’s a little late, but the first episode of the Critical Distance Confab for 2017 is up. I interview Max Barnyard about his YouTube show Great Levels in Gaming.

We were migrating the server, so uploading the actual mp3 got delayed by several days. This is January’s episode and, despite it releasing in February, you can expect to see another interview later this month.

I’d also like to apologize about the first 4 minutes or so of audio. What happened to the previous recording, happened to this one. I just managed to notice that Pamela recording timer was moving about three times faster than normal time. After Max finished answering the first question I ask to stop, closed it all down, updated it and rebooted. It fixed the problem and we recorded the rest of the episode without issue. No audio engineers got in contact with me after last time, but apparently it was an issue with Pamela that their update fixed.

About the title. It was one of two titles I could think of where I could make a pun on “Great Levels in Gaming” and this was least nationalistic of the two. If I did have to go the pun route (and I do) I figured making fun of speech patterns was better than inadvertently propping up toxic ideology both in gaming and otherwise.

In any case, you can listen to the interview here, on iTunes or through the RSS feed.

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