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Visual Expectations

I want to talk about this quote from a 2k executive. I’m not going to deconstruct everything wrong with it. RockPaperShotgun did a pretty good job of that already. I’ll also point to Destructoid for a slightly more irreverent take on it. Instead I want to use it as a …

The RPG Lineage Chart

Way back at PAX East I got to talking with some people over dinner Saturday and one of the topics that came up was my Dragon Age II Lineage post I did the year before and the research that went into it. I described what I did and that I …

Desert Bus Giveaway

Shock to the System

I am writing this, because I am freaking out right now and not entirely in a good way. I need to get this out of my right now, before my heart does something it shouldn’t. Twice today I’ve gotten a shock and both concern free games. Earlier today I was …

Ultimate Spider-Man

A Companion to Comic Culture

I’ve gotten some pretty good buzz surrounding my last post, despite it going up around 2 am when normal people are asleep. I asked if there would be any interest in hearing my opinions on the some of the works I read. That’s read in the past tense, and there …

Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age II’s Lineage

(This was originally written several months ago in the run up to Dragon Age II’s release for another site. The editor at the time was swamped with work and it got lost in the shuffle. As time went by I forgotten I had wrote it until a conversation on twitter …

Dragon Age 2

Bioware You Suck

I first like to preface this with: I love BioWare. I love their games, I love their worlds and I love their characters and I love the experiences they have imparted onto me. Baldur’s Gate is my favorite game of all time. I think that series is the pinnacle of the CRPG.

Right now that that’s out of the way. YOU SUCK!

Laptop Fluff

Since this weekend was an overall bust with unexpected work hours throwing off a major project undertaking I had planned. However despite that, this has been a really great week for me. Why? Because my new laptop came. And since I have been taking on too much heavy lifting when …

I'm Done and Now I'm Back

I’ve been only lightly using the internet and got pretty much away from the site due to my summer class. The last class I needed to graduate. Well I passed it this week and minus all the bureaucratic nonsense it will take to transfer the credits to Boston University I …