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Words Have Meaning Dammit

I just read this post, a pretty well written one, talking about the trash lady from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He contends that the character in question is not racism. He is only correct on a technicality, but his reasoning has me boiling. See, he argues that racism requires intentionality. …

Game Frame – A Book Review

Game Frame by Aaron Dignan is a book about gamification. It’s about how you as a person can insert gamification into your ordinary activities to help you get through them. The author is a co-founder in a digital strategy firm for big companies and this is his foray into the …

In Which I Respond to A Blunt Critique of Game Criticism

I’m coming at this a bit late. The post went up at that end of last week and there have been plenty of responses in the comments and those made by other critics before me. There may be little original I can add, but I prefer to take the time to calm down and get my thoughts in order. So while what I say may have been said before in my writing there may be enough original to justify it, or at least I say it in an original enough way to do that.