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1954 Alcatraz

Reviews for June/July/August

The summer months are slow and that apparently makes me slow. Anyway here are the reviews I actually managed to finish writing. When in doubt and bored with the game, make the review interesting. Daedelic Entertainment and I have a running thing with their published adventure games. I keep reviewing …

Shadowrun, Dragonfall

Reviews for March/April/May

I stopped writing PopMatters columns back in March for a number of reason, all of which have to do with being super busy trying to get technical things to work and those things refusing to. I really want to get back to writing again instead of staring at code sheets, …

Memoria 1

Memoria Review

This review has quite a stored history. I accepted the game for review from a PR contact with the purpose that it would go up on PopMatters. I didn’t know that someone else was already doing the game and had a review in the pipeline. So began my trek to …


Reviews For September/October

Only 4 reviews over the last two months. It would have been more, but several things have kept them from others being published on time. Late review copies, accidental double scheduling etc. My next review round up looks to be a doozy. What is there really to say about Divekick? …

The Night of the Rabbit

Reviews For July/August

I have a large backlog of review copies I have to get through. August was the first month I got nearly every game I requested. Usually I got one, maybe two. And then I got more review copies offered through my PR contacts that I seem to have now. I’m …