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Reviews For September/October

Only 4 reviews over the last two months. It would have been more, but several things have kept them from others being published on time. Late review copies, accidental double scheduling etc. My next review round up looks to be a doozy. What is there really to say about Divekick? …

The Showdown Effect

Reviews For May/June

I did a number of reviews for PopMatters in the months of May and June. There are a few more waiting in the wings to be published. In published chronological order: I really like this review. I didn’t think much of The Showdown Effect, but I didn’t dislike it either. …

A New Beginning

Reviews and Review Scores

I had a post here. 1200 words of what I thought at least were some interesting ideas and for once decently written. WordPress said screw you and erased them from existence when I saved them. All that’s left is the title above, the tags at the bottom and my anger …