TWIVGB January 12th

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Yes, I did that last round up of the year and the first one of the next. Thanks to a scheduling snafu I volunteered to do it at the last minute. Which contributed to its lateness. I had to plow through 2-3 weeks worth of suggestions, a lot of which I hadn’t read. I was behind on my reading as it was time of decompression after TYIVGB for me.

As is often the case for us who have done this for a long time we play with how the round up comes out. Sometimes it’s by jazzing up the context with a little creative writing flare, sometimes it’s by playing with the structure and sometimes it’s what I did. I basically played free association between all the pieces. Though Kris had to cut out the direct references to them, they are still in order. If you’re bored you can try and figure out what they were. Some are bleeding obvious, others a little more conceptual. The first connection is the same author.

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