‘Driver: San Francisco’: The Best Game of 2011 that No One Played

A while back I got bored and wanted to see how PopMatter’s best games of 2011 compared with the reviews of the games over the year. Then I wondered if there were any high rating games that didn’t make the list. Which led me to look up what PopMatters review of Driver: San Francisco. Turns out we hadn’t done one. I set out to correct that.

Now I could wax lyrical about Driver: San Francisco for thousands of words and, in fact, I have. I took it as a challenge to take everything I had said and loved about the game and distill it into an 800 word review, while also being informative about the game and the experience within. I also didn’t want to fall into any of the pitfalls I and others have railed against in reviews. I think I nailed it.

It was too late to put it under reviews proper, so I was told I could use it as a weekly post. I held it back until after I finished my Uncharted series.

If nothing else I managed to mention Bergman and Felini alongside John McCalne and Starsky & Hutch. And yes that score is exactly what I think of Driver: San Francisco, if you couldn’t tell already. So get out there and play it already.

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