Discovering the Familiar in ‘Journey’

Journey is a game I’ve wanted to write about for almost the entire year, but have just never gotten around to it. What makes it difficult is after so much time, finding something new to say. The thing is, in trying to figure that out I wondered why I kept going back to play it after so long.  Especially, since it is basically a game about exploration and yet I pretty much knew everything it had to offer already.

In the end that came down to trying to define what I was feeling on repeat playthroughs. I didn’t have a set answer when I sat down to write and instead worked my way through it as I typed. It worked for my Driver: San Francisco pieces.

Several months ago, when the weather was better I would walk in the park behind my house. I would walk in the circle just like I mentioned in the piece and I would observe the surrounding nature. I started about the time Journey came out and I couldn’t help but make the comparison in the activities  I never wrote that post, but the line of thinking made it into this one.

So, take a read at some musings on Journey and its sense of place.

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