Critical Distance Confab – Supplementary Grades

Microphone 21

Last year I interviewed authors and editors of books and publications. The focus was criticism via the written word outside the medium of the internet. Now I’m moving on to other mediums, first up video.

I cannot say how flabbergasted I am that I actually got James Portnow to come on the podcast to talk Extra Credits. I didn’t reach out to him, he reached out to me through Kris. This still astounds me some months later. I knew I would be moving on to video next and there were plenty of people I could easily contact to set up an interview with. I actually know them, talk to them and I will be getting to them in future months. But if I wanted to do like I did with publications and go in relative chronological order, then Extra Credits was going to have to be first.

The original videos came out in 2008 and weren’t even Extra Credits back them. Just a series of cartoon lectures that was first done as school assignments before becoming something Daniel Floyd did, later joined by James. I’ve been watching those videos almost since they were first released. I think only 3 were out when I first stumbled upon them. So, what I’m saying is, this is big for me. May it portend things going forward.

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