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The Wolf Among Us

1954 Alcatraz

Reviews for June/July/August

The summer months are slow and that apparently makes me slow. Anyway here are the reviews I actually managed to finish writing. When in doubt and bored with the game, make the review interesting. Daedelic Entertainment and I have a running thing with their published adventure games. I keep reviewing …

Shadowrun, Dragonfall

Reviews for March/April/May

I stopped writing PopMatters columns back in March for a number of reason, all of which have to do with being super busy trying to get technical things to work and those things refusing to. I really want to get back to writing again instead of staring at code sheets, …

The Wolf Among Us

The Seamier Side of Fairy Tales

Another Moving Pixels podcast is up. This time we discuss the second episode of The Wolf Among Us. This was recorded back on Sunday of IndieCade East. I had gotten back from the city only about half an hour before. Luckily my tiredness doesn’t weigh down the discussion. It’s another …

The Wolf Among Us

Neon Noir Fairy Tales

  The next episode of the Moving Pixels podcast, the first in what is sure to be a series, discussing The Wolf Among Us. I am an unabashed Fables fan. I spend much of the time on the podcast resisting the urge to spew continuity all over the place. The …