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TGC 2012 Game of the Year

I wanted to get this done earlier. In fact I like having my game of the year post before the end of the actual year. For the last two years that meant taking time out of New Years Eve celebrations for typing it up. That didn’t happen this year because …


TGC 2011 Game of the Year

Before I get to my top 5 games I want to give out some honorable mentions to games I played some of, but not enough for me to feel comfortable honoring in my official list. These are games that I either only played the demo to or just didn’t get …


TGC 2010 Game of the Year

So, I’m leaving this to last possible moment this year…again. But I have a better excuse than last time of not being able to decide. This time it’s because my time has been filled with other projects, the most notable, or at least the one that has been revealed was …

Metal Gear Solid 4

End of Year Post

Well with Christmas over and the after holiday sales taken advantage of and since everyone else has done their part, I figured I’d give my thoughts on the 2008 yearend in gaming. (Spoilers.) I start with the easy one, my game of the year. The easy one to write about clearly, not choose.