The Moving Pixels Podcast Investigates ‘Gravity Bone’ and ‘Thirty Flights of Loving’

Thirty Flights of Loving

This week we look at two small games by Brenden Chung, Gravity Bone and Thirty Flights of Loving.

Following up on our discussion Virginia we decided to look back at the games we figured had to be an inspiration for it’s choice of using film editing language. Coming at these two games, many years after their release and their initial splash on the critical scene, we find they hold up very well and in fact still feel part of the vanguard of narrative experimentation. 6 and 4 years later, respectively, and only now do some of the lesson from these experiments seem to permeate to influence other games.

We actually recorded this episode last year back around the end of November. Mainly because I was going into a hole to do the TYIVGB feature for Critical Distance for a month and no one wants to record in December anyway. We needed something for when we came back so Nick wouldn’t be a madman trying to rush an editing job. And that is what we call good planning.

You can find the podcast on PopMatters, SoundCloud, iTunes and the RSS feed.

“Then it is agreed my little cilantro friend. Surrender the others and you shall be spared.”

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