The Moving Pixels Podcast Explores ‘A Machine for Pigs’

Amnesia, A Machine for Pigs

This week we continue on from our last Amnesia podcast with The Chinese Room follow up, A Machine for Pigs.

Despite that this episode was going to release in November, we decided to continue our look at/catch up with the horror franchise Amnesia. A Machine for Pigs is familiar as an Amnesia game, but at the same time, noticeably different from Frictional’s take, but with clear similarities to The Chinese Room’s other work. My reference point was Dear Esther and Nick’s was Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture.

On a personal note, I think this was me at my most coherent in discussing thematic meaning with regards to recent episodes. I’m rather proud at how well I was able to explain my viewpoint of the factory as a Cthulu like god avatar representative of mechanized progress and modernism. There’s a lot of meat in this game (pardon the pun) that we didn’t get to, where The Dark Descent felt lacking in that regard. Put me firmly in the game that finds A Machine for Pigs the better of the two Amnesia games.

The podcast is now available at PopMatters, on SoundCloud, on iTunes and through the RSS feed.

“This dawning epoch, this age of reason, this empire grown fat, ripe for the bleeding.”

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