Moving Pixels Podcast: The Best Games of 2015


It’s that time of the year again, where those of us on the Moving Pixels Podcast list our top 5 games of the year.

I’m a little disappointed that Chris didn’t makes on of those vertical slice composite images of our game choices like he did in previous years and instead went with a generic screengrab from one of the games. Ah well.

I always like these look backs and celebrations of games we loved.  While I personally haven’t yet got to all the titles I want to get to in order to make my “official” list for here, I feel this is a pretty good spread of what I felt was worthy about the games of 2015. Though I do wish I was a little better at articulating myself in the moment when talking about certain games. I tend to like games that elude simple explanations and often require consideration of how best to order the details while explaining.

Still, we get to talk about a lot of great games and rib each other in the process.

Our best of the year list is up on PopMatters, SoundCloud and the RSS feed.

“My one talent involves talking at people until they get confused.”

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