Hardboiled Hijinks


The summer doldrums ticked away and so we went back to talk about an indie game from 2013: Gunpoint.

As we found there was little to grab onto with regards of our usual in depth discussion about craft and theme, but we still managed to find things to say about style and tone. Overall I think Gunpoint is a fine game. Not an exceptional game, not one I’d leap up and down and say you have to play it right now, but a fine enough game that leaves a pleasant feeling after having played it.

Also, as I wrote in my series on morality in video games, the choice at the end of the game is one of the best I’ve seen in video games. In how its presented, what the dichotomy is and how it makes the player stop and consider the differences between the two paths. It really is all in the player’s head and how they read the character and how they see themselves. Truth vs. Justice.

Ultimately, Gunpoint is a fun little indie stealth game.

“Congratulations on purchasing your new Bullfrog brand HyperTrousers. Caution: A maximum strength jump may shatter glass ceilings, windows and … children?”

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