Even More Mines, Maps and Madness

Kentucky Route Zero episode 3In Xanadu, did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree: so begins this episode of the Moving Pixels podcast on Kentucky Route Zero Act 3.

Ever since this episode was recorded back in May (good lord are we ahead of the curve) I’ve been anticipating this podcast’s release. I really like this game and that definitely comes across in our discussion, but after recording it I felt like we had manged to do better than our usual fare, if I may be a braggart for a moment. Maybe it’s the fact we did something rather special for intro of this one that gave me that impression, or maybe it’s simply the quality of the game.

Since the recording of this episode there has been a lot more said about the third episode of Kentucky Route Zero and not enough yet. Plenty of details escaped our notice, because there is so much detail in the game to take note of. If you have any interest in video games as an artistic medium, do yourself a favor and play this game.

Then listen to our podcast series on the individual episodes.

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