Critical Distance Confab – Back to the 2015

Microphone 20

On the last day of 2015 I released our end of the year podcast. No epic length to wade through. Just me, Kris Ligman, Alan Williamson and Riley MacLeod handing out on Skype chatting about some stuff that happened in the year.

Not a whole lot to say about this one. No minisode this month, though we do talk about some of our favorite games/game related things of the year so there you go. Also, please tell me someone gets that title. I struggled to come up with anything and I’m not too sure how much of that title comes through.

I know nobody noticed, but there is a point in the podcast where Riley is talking then says something about how he paid his internet and then quickly streams out a quick explanation. Then Alan makes a joke that we all burst out laughing at. That joke doesn’t make any sense to you because I cut out the 7 minutes of audio problems Riley was having and the three attempts he made to say his piece. I was tired and it was late and I couldn’t be bothered to put in an explanation or a musical bridge. So, there it is.

Enjoy our slightly less than usual drunken ramblings about 2015.

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