Critical Distance Confab – Actually, It’s About…2014

Microphone 12

Released today was our annual end of year wrap-up podcast. This year I brought up regular Kris Ligman, semi-regular Alan Williamson and newbie to the podcast Lana Polansky.

This year sucked. I think pretty much everyone can agree on that. However, because every year we all end up feeling miserable we decided to avoid directly talking about the biggest story of the year and in doing so found the year was a much nicer time that we had all forgotten. I like that year. It had its down moments, maybe a bit too much like 2013, but it was nice.

Anyway, instead of the way too long extravaganza of previous years (I was sad not to do it again at first, but really I can say I’ve done it, I don’t need to go through that again.) this is less of an overview and more of a skimming. The conversation was a bit more loose, which allowed several topics to be integrated in that weren’t on the docket. I also left most of the digressions in, mainly because they were funny. I did delete one part of the podcast that was embarrassing to me, not because of that, but because I couldn’t articulate myself properly or even coherently. I think it’s rather obvious by now I’m a-okay of making a fool of myself.

That’s our last podcast of the year, hope you enjoy.

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