Critical Distance Confab – A Critic By His Window

skd283026sdcI didn’t know it at the time, but my first ever encounter with the wider world of video game criticism was through a post by L.B. Jefferies. That post lead me to the Brainygamer, Mitch Krpata and the rest is history. In those early days, the scene was a small one. Small enough that ‘Mapping the Brainysphere‘ didn’t seem like an ironic or ludicrous title for a post.

I didn’t quite realize it at the time of trying to reorient the CDC podcast along with the then new direction of the site what I was doing in my choice of guests. First it was a bunch of people I felt I could chat with easily and if I screwed up wouldn’t be a big deal. But upon relistening to the three interviews I did do (one left in the backup archive) before collapsing in on myself two years ago into utter existential dread I found a subconscious thread between them. They were the three individuals that influenced me the most in my critical style, persona and position within the community.

But non more so that L.B. Jefferies. Back in the day, anytime I read something of his I wished I could have been able to be that good. To think that well. Hell, after I did my post on Myst a few months back PopMatters algorithm suggested his review of the DS version from several years ago. It is one of the most amazing reviews I’ve ever read. He manged to do with ease what I’m still struggling to figure out week to week.Two my early posts on this site were solely for the purpose of keeping several of his essays easily on hand. And I will admit when asked what day I’d like to publish on PopMatters, I chose Tuesday because that was his day.

He has retired now and his name is probably not recognizable to most of the contemporary critics writing nowadays. His name lost in the mists of time. (4 years that’s all it takes nowadays.) I don’t want that to happen. So many names and so much writing just lost and forgotten with nary a care of consideration. This podcast is my small attempt to push back on that.

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