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May 2011


In Which I Respond to A Blunt Critique of Game Criticism

I’m coming at this a bit late. The post went up at that end of last week and there have been plenty of responses in the comments and those made by other critics before me. There may be little original I can add, but I prefer to take the time to calm down and get my thoughts in order. So while what I say may have been said before in my writing there may be enough original to justify it, or at least I say it in an original enough way to do that.

Microphone 5

Podcasts ho!

A few weeks back, Kris Ligman came to New Jersey to give a presentation at a conference about her research. Before she was to fly back to California she dropped by my home town to say hi and chat. During her brief stop before I took her to the airport …

Dragon Age 2

Bioware You Suck

I first like to preface this with: I love BioWare. I love their games, I love their worlds and I love their characters and I love the experiences they have imparted onto me. Baldur’s Gate is my favorite game of all time. I think that series is the pinnacle of the CRPG.

Right now that that’s out of the way. YOU SUCK!