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State of the Blog ’09

A year and a fortnight ago I started this site from the idea that I wanted to critique games, as one would do to a book or movie, looking at what they mean. It is hard to believe that it has been a full year. In that time I’ve learned …

Apocalypse Now

Where are all the War Games?

I’ve been playing Battlefield 1943 a lot lately. It’s the first shooter in a long time that I’ve played. I am usually a single player game kind of guy and usually shun multiplayer modes, unless the person is sitting right next to me. But I tried out the demo and I was hooked in the free half hour it gave me and immediately bought the unlocked game. Playing it lead me to a realization.

Goldeneye 007

Gaming Made Me

Gaming Made Me started with the crew over at RocksPaperShotgun and the various designers they asked, and then others in the middle circle has taken up the question of which video games have made them who they are. Michael McBride talked about how discussing such information will have your audience better understand who you are and where you’re coming from when they read your analysis. I’m willing to one step further and say it’s an excellent method of self-examination so you can understand yourself better, see any bias’ you might have and writer better critique in the long run. I figured it was my turn after last post self-searching nature plus it felt like a good exercise

So here we go.

Critic graph

What Do I Do Here?

Usually I take the criticism silently and appreciatively and I still do, but after more than seven months I’m still getting the same comment. “I can’t wait to see where your going with your blog.” It is a little annoying that after all this time my blog still feels schizophrenic enough that I haven’t fallen into any sort of groove yet. I felt that I had to spend some time examining my thoughts and my opinions of critiquing in a way I have never done so before and probably should have done in the first place. I sat down and thought about what exactly where I want to go with this site.

Metal Gear Solid 4

End of Year Post

Well with Christmas over and the after holiday sales taken advantage of and since everyone else has done their part, I figured I’d give my thoughts on the 2008 yearend in gaming. (Spoilers.) I start with the easy one, my game of the year. The easy one to write about clearly, not choose.